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wild woman holistics

Your gateway to well-being and balance


Who is the Wild Woman?

Let me introduce you to Colette

A passionate alternative therapies practitioner who has been training, and working in this field since 2004. 

She is well versed in many different types of therapy and can tailor them to suit your personal needs which can be administered either at her premises, at Alison Meek Podiatry or in the comfort of your own home.

Colette is trained and extremely knowledgeable in many forms of personal healing and can give advice as part of any therapy you receive.

For a full list of the therapies offered, please click here


Colette is one of only two people in Scotland to be trained in Integrated Healing Therapy.

Due to the amazing reception and effectiveness of IHT, this has fast become the most popular therapy offered.

For more information on IHT, click here


Colette has completed a course in the Medicine Buddha Reiki whilst in America and this made her the first person in Scotland to offer this therapy.

Colette is a master teacher of the Medicine Buddha Reiki as well as Usui Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki.

In addition to offering various therapies, Colette also facilitates several classes and workshops, ranging from teaching Reiki to working with your chakras to mindfulness to meditation and all points in between.

Every year through the summer months Colette also hosts the extremely popular Gathering in the Garden events.

Colette is a womb keeper for the rite of the womb, the 13th Munay Ki Rite, which can be passed on to you at your request free of charge.

For a list of upcoming classes, click here

Some classes can be taught on a 1-1 basis. Please contact for further information on which classes are available by clicking here

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