Smudging - Keeping your Personal and Home Vibrations High

I thought, with all the current uncertainty, now would be a good time to write a blog on keeping your personal vibrations high.

Normally with sacred space clearing I would tell you that there are many options available other than having to use smudging bundles but with all the worry about the coronavirus certain herbs and essential oils are extremely beneficial to use as not only will it help keep your house and personal vibrations high but will help as natural antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial depending on what herbs or oils you choose to use.

If you are new to smudging your personal space please don't be put off by thinking it's complicated or you need specialised equipment in order to give it a go. All you need to get started is a smudging bundle of your chosen herb/s and your hand. If you don't want to fan the smoke with your hand, use a piece of card or folded paper with a little bit of rigidity to it.

If you want to be very strict about your smudging, the recommendation is to start at your front door and work clockwise around your house, making sure you get into all areas with the smoke. I don't think clockwise from your door is necessary but there are other things I do think are necessary.

* Set your intention - what do you want to create in your scared space? What do you want to manifest within your home? Is it to create clear, flowing energy? Is it to raise the vibration within your home? Is it to bring in love and harmony? Be very clear about your intention.

* Invite in whomever you feel you need to be with you, your ancestors, your guardian angels, your spirit guides, divine healing universal energy, whatever feels right at that moment at time.

* If you choose to smudge, give thanks for the plant and for everyone involved in the process of getting the plant to you for use in your work.

* If you choose to use a feather or multiple feathers, give thanks to the animal who's plumage you now use to carry out your sacred work.

If you want you can buy "tools" to help with your smudging, there are many options available such as:

Smudging Bowls

These bowls have a bit in the centre to hold the smudge stick in place so once it's lit the ash will fall into the bowl making it a good option for people who struggle to hold the smudging stick, shell and feather at the same time.

Abalone Shell

These shells are the traditional bowls used for smudging. They are hardwearing with a beautiful pearlescence on the inside. They will heat up from the lit smudging bundle so make sure you have a heat-proof mat to rest it on.